Our Commitment to the GDPR

At LogRatio, we are committed to protecting the privacy and the security of the data of our clients.
We consider privacy and personal data protection from the beginning of product development all the way through our product development lifecycle, maintaining the standards of the strictest security policies.
We wanted to reintroduce our commitment to security and share a few new features aimed at making security a breeze.

Data Storage
All data is stored in Canada. The customer portal is hosted in the same location. Our widget servers never store any data and only provide fast delivery of scripts and feedback reception. We, as a processor, give you full control over your data to make the best decisions regarding collection and storage of data. Our services are specifically designed to limit personal data collection by default, requiring you as a customer to explicitly enable features that collect personal information.

How long is my data stored for?
The duration of data storage is up to you. When you use LogRatio select the option “Delete my data”, and we will remove your data from our servers in a reasonable time, typically not longer than one week. Otherwise, we clean our servers once a month or once a year depending on the kind of data we store.

Data Anonymization
Where possible, LogRatio performs processing activities and analysis on anonym data. We exclude or remove any screenshots, IP addresses, email addresses, free-form (text) responses, or identifiers that link the feedback item to its original version which may contain personal data before processing it.

Data Processing Agreement
If you, as a customer, are processing personal data through the LogRatio platform, typically a Data Processing Agreement (DPA) needs to be agreed between your company and LogRatio. please email us at [email protected].

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