About us

About Global Analytics Systems 

Founded in 2019, Global Analytics Systems GmbH is a startup company with knowledge mining and decision framing competencies.

LogRatio, our first brand, makes use of machine learning and deep learning algorithms together with traditional statistics technologies and it may find application in a number of sectors.

The first process we are automating (with absolutely no human intervention) is the analysis and interpretation of market research surveys.

Presently, as far as we know, no other company offers a service directly comparable to LogRatio.


Our offices are in Basel, Switzerland.


We are led by an experienced management team with extensive knowledge of marketing research, software development, statistics and artificial intelligence algorithms, including machine learning, deep learning and natural language processing.


Presently, we are looking for funding partners.

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About LogRatio

LogRatio is the result of three years of intense development by five professionals skilled in statistics, marketing research, back-end software development, front-end software development, server management, text writing and wordsmithing.

Today, LogRatio is fully automated.

In minutes it performs a number of complex tasks and produces professional survey reports as only specialized marketing research agencies can do.

Reducing complexity

The Reduction of complexity concept inspires the development of LogRatio.

We find the present world is becoming more and more complex. The analysis of surveys is no exception.

So we designed LogRatio to deliver all relevant survey analyses and information in a rigorous and yet simple way.

Then, the user decides what to keep and what to skip.

Because it is easier to remove extras than to make it from scratch.

This way, we hope to enable even users with very limited knowledge of statistics and marketing research to act like surveys experts.

Teaching marketing research with LogRatio

Today, marketing instructors can use FakeDt and LogRatio to teach in an engaging and dynamic way how professional researchers analyze and interpret surveys.

    • FakeDt creates Synthetic Survey Data, which are realistic simulations of the answers humans would give to marketing research questions.
    • LogRatio turns synthetic data, as well as real survey data, into professional survey reports.

Students working with LogRatio and FakeDt learn more, faster.

We encourage professors and instructors to teach Marketing Research using FakeDt and LogRatio.
You and your students will appreciate these tools because they:

    • help save time,
    • create professional survey reports,
    • can challenge students with the interpretation as well as with the math behind the numbers of a survey.

Please, spread the word about LogRatio and FakeDt
through professors and students.